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“My heart is always in the line of fire”

The Latest Album

Life is defined by how we choose to deal with the tough times. That’s what the latest Separate Self album is all about. From the Bottom Feeder who’ll pull you into their misery to the 1000 Cuts that cause you to bleed out; this album covers it all. Get the first listen here.

The Next Gig

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The Goods

You don’t have to have an ass tattoo to show your love for Separate Self. Shirts, CD’s, Hoodies, Stickers… we’ve got all the merch you’ll need to show off your love for the music and separate yourself from the pack. (See what we did there?) Get all your favorite Separate Self swag here.

The Pics

From the latest concert pics and awesome photo-shoot pics to the wicked art and illustrations from our latest album, you’ll find it all here. We’re entertaining, right? Maybe? Visit the photo gallery.

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